Flour for pizza

The nutritional value 100g of product (average values)

Proteins 10 g
Fat 1 g
Carbohydrates 71 g
Energy value (calories) 1420 kJ (330 kcal) g

Packing, kg:


Advantages and purpose:

Designed for pizza production. The dough is elastic, easy to roll out, does not tear and holds its shape well. The pizzas are made with a thin base and puffy, airy, crispy sides. It simplifies and speeds up the production process. Manual or machine cutting and forming of the dough is possible.

Ingredients for production:

Name of raw materialQuantity
Composed baking mixture “Flour for pizza”100 кg
Pressed baker’s yeast3 кг
Sugar1 кg
Solt1 кg
Refined deodorised oil2,5 кg
Water50-55 litres

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