Soft for baking

The nutritional value 100g of product (average values)

Proteins9 g
Fat9 g
Carbohydrates60 g
Energy value (calories)1510 kJ (360 kcal)

Packing, kg:


Advantages and purpose:

Designed for the production of a wide range of baked goods. It simplifies and speeds up the production process by reducing the number of ingredients and fat dosage. It fits for industrial lines, improves the rheological properties of the dough, provides baked goods with the necessary volume, elasticity of the crumb, prolongs the freshness of finished products.

Ingredients for production:

Name of raw materialQuantity
Composed baking mixture “Soft for baking”4 кg
Wheat flour top grade mark М-54-28 или М54-2596 кg
Pressed yeast6,2 кg
Solt1,5 кg
Refined deodorised oil5,7 кg
Sugar11,5 кg
Water44,2 l

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