Bread Selskiy

The nutritional value 100g of product (average values)

Proteins14 g
Fat20 g
Carbohydrates45 g
Packing, kg:


It fits for preparing baking with big amount of sunflower and flax seeds, flavors malt’s taste and smell. It makes easier and faster process of dough preparing, contains a big amount of sunflower and flax seeds (up to 50%), it fits for preparing bread of different shape.


Ingredients Quantity
Composite bakery mixtures «Bread Selskiy» 17 кg
Wheat flour top grade mark М-54-28 или М54-25 83 кg
pressed yeast 2 кg
Food salt iodized 1,7 кg
Refined deodorized oil 3,5 кg
Drinking water 53,5 l

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