Soft for pastry

The nutritional value 100g of product (average values)

Proteins9 g
Fat9 g
Carbohydrates60 g
Фасовка кг:


It is for pastry preparing, makes bread crumb gentle and elastic, extends bread freshness. It makes process of bread preparing faster and easier thanks of decrease of ingredients number and quantity of fat. It fits for industry lines, makes better rheological properties of dough, provides pastry with necessary volume and the elasticity of the crumb.


Composite bakery mixtures «Soft for pastry»4 кg
Wheat flour top grade mark М-54-28 или М54-2596 кg
pressed yeast6,2 кg
Food salt iodized1,5 кg
Refined deodorized oil5,7 кg
Drinking water44,2 l

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